Thank you for re-electing me as your Member of Parliament.  It is a great honour to serve the people of Harwich and North Essex in the House of Commons. Whichever way you voted, I will serve you.

The scale of the Conservative victory is both stunning and humbling. Voters clearly rejected Corbyn’s socialism, and embraced the message that it is time to end the paralysis of a hung parliament and get Brexit done. Nobody can now question the legitimacy of the 2016 referendum result. We can now get Brexit done and move on to work for a more successful nation with a bright future.

Many voted Conservative after a lifetime voting against the Conservatives, including many of the least privileged in our society. This gives Conservatives like me a special responsibility - to ensure that we honour our obligations to you and deliver for you, your family, and for your hopes and aspirations. We must deliver for everyone.

It is time to get Brexit done, to unleash the UK’s potential outside the EU, and to tackle all the other priorities, like the NHS, social care reform, education, more police on the streets and tackling the climate crisis as soon as possible.  I will also be pressing on with all my local priorities, like getting the A120 upgraded, addressing issues such as the Manningtree rail underpass, in line with the commitments which I made during my campaign.

Thank you for trusting me with your support.

Best wishes

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Bernard Jenkin