Broadband Speeds in Essex

One thing I heard loudly and clearly on the doorstep during the election campaign was that the broadband speeds people are able to get in my constituency are frankly not fast enough.  Much of North Essex is rural and, as I am sure many of my constituents will agree, this often comes with severely reduced internet speeds due to the distance between properties cabinets, and local exchanges.  The roll-out of fibre connectivity across Essex will go some way to addressing the problems associated with relying on our old networks of copper cable.  
This is why I welcome the Essex County Council’s recent commitment to extend superfast broadband coverage to a further 51,000 homes and businesses across Essex.  From businesses to residences, there are clear economic benefits to be tapped into, helping create jobs, grow businesses and open areas up for suitable developments.  This is also a significant step towards ensuring the target figure of 95% of the residences in Essex have access to superfast broadband.  
I would encourage my constituents to visit the link below for the Essex County Council’s Superfast Essex home page, and enter their post code on the map to see what improvements are currently planned for their area.
Businesses can use the following link to see the opportunities available to them from the roll-out, and how they can take advantage of the roll-out.