The Environment

My work to support the environment in North Essex, including the Blackwater Estuary, Bradwell and the Dedham Vale AONB

Since 2010, understanding of the importance of looking after our environment has continued to increase.  We rely on the environment for a whole range of resources and services, and environmental protection contributes to a strong farming sector.  This is especially important in a largely rural constituency like Harwich and North Essex. 

In the Conservative Party manifesto, the Goverment stated its commitment to “rigorous environmental protections”, and pledged to be the first Government to leave the environment in a better state than we inherited it.  This has implications across all of Harwich and North Essex, from the Dedham Vale to the Blackwater Estuary, our farmlands to the coasts from Harwich to Mersea.  These areas represent the character of Essex countryside, and they must be protected. 

Campaigning for an extension of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

During the last two years as your MP, I campaigned to have the Dedham Vale AONB extended westwards.  The extension I support recognises the importance of this ‘green space’, which must be kept free from development.  The protections this status grants will preserve the characteristics of the iconic North Essex and South Suffolk countryside in this area and, if I am re-elected, I will continue to press the Government to review this proposal and look to extend the AONB. 

Marine Conservation Zones

I campaigned for the Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) at the Stour and Blackwater estuaries, and the drastic improvement in the water quality and biodiversity at each shows how important this status is.  During the last Parliament, I met with the Essex Wildlife Trust and having been re-elected as your MP, I will continue to support their efforts preserving the wildlife native to Essex. The Conservative manifesto is strong on restoring our fishing grounds and the fish stocks they support as we leave the EU.  We also support the creation of massive marine reserves around UK dependent territories around the world, like Pitcairn Island in the Pacific, and around the Falkland Islands and Ascension Island in the Atlantic.  The UK will have a larger area of sea and sea bed under protection than any other country.