Joining - FAQs

Conservative members play a very active and important role in the Party.

For just £25 a year (or £5 a year if you’re under 23), you get:

  • A vote in the election of the Party Leader.
  • A vote in the selection of MP, Councillor and MEP candidates.
  • Direct influence in the development of policy.
  • Invited to Party Conferences.
  • The opportunity to meet influential, like minded people.
  • A range of other benefits including a regular member’s newsletter and invitations to local political and social events.

NB: New members will gain voting rights after a 3 month qualifying period.

Q: How much does membership cost?

A: Our recommended minimum membership subscription is £25 per year (£5 for those aged under 23). However, you can join as a “Friend” by paying as much or as little as you are comfortable with and still receive a regular newsletter and access to our Affinity Scheme.

Q: What is my membership subscription spent on?

A: Your contribution primarily helps us to fight elections and publicise Conservative policies. For instance, it could pay for 1000 leaflets, 100 election newspapers or 150 telephone calls to canvass voters.

Q: I haven’t got time to be politically active, so I can’t join the Conservatives can I?

A: You can do as much or as little as you like. You do not have to sit on a committee, knock on doors or deliver leaflets. Many of our members just pay their annual    subscription. The most important thing you can do is join the Party.

Q: Doesn’t all the Conservative Party’s money come from big business or wealthy donors?

A: All our funds come from subscriptions and donations from members, supporters and local residents.

Q: Do I have to know a lot about politics to join?

A: No-one in the Party will quiz you about your political knowledge. If you vote Conservative, then you can join the Conservative Party - it is as simple as that.

Q: What type of people are members of the local Conservatives?

A: Conservative Party members come from a wide range of backgrounds including students, solicitors, office workers, businessmen, post office workers, nurses and doctors. Many of our members are younger than you might think. In fact, our members are people just like you and we will make you very welcome.