It is a great honour to serve the people of Harwich and North Essex in the House of Commons. Whichever way you vote, I serve you.

Parliament has failed to carry out the instruction it was given by the voters in the 2016 referendum – to leave the EU.  At the time of the referendum, it was clear that most MPs were voting Remain.  It is all too clear that most MPs are still very reluctant to reflect the view of the majority of the nation; that we voted to leave and leave we must without delay.  David Cameron was completely clear, when he said that leaving the EU meant leaving the single market and the customs union.  People voted to take back control over our laws, our borders, our money and over our global trade.    

Now Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats are trying to stop Brexit altogether.  Labour don’t want Brexit and they certainly didn’t want this election.  They even voted against it happening because they know that the only way we can ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the EU is for the Conservative Party to secure a majority. 

This paralysis has gone on long enough.  The British people want politicians to make decisions and to get on with all the other issues we face - more police on our streets, more money for schools and the NHS.  This is the agenda of the Conservative government.  The alternatively is more delay, more dithering and the undermining of democracy by Labour and Lib Dem MPs. 

If you re-elect me, I will support Boris in his determination to see the UK leave the EU, no ifs and no buts.  I will vote for more police officers in Essex, more money for our local NHS and more local services.  Every vote matters in this election.  The more votes the Conservatives secure, the louder the message to Jeremy Corbyn and remain-backing Lib Dems that the Brexit vote cannot be ignored any longer. 

So please back me, back Boris, and back the UK’s global future.

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Bernard Jenkin