Reforms to help Fishing & Oyster Industries

Reforms to the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy have been backed by Bernard Jenkin. Bernard told the Fisheries Minister that success hinges on the reform’s impact on sub-10 meter fishing fleets in Brightlingsea, Wivenhoe, West Mersea and Harwich.

“I am glad the Government is giving our local under-10 meter fleet the credit it deserves. These insidious EU fisheries quotas have squeezed the life out of British fishing and this has been compounded by illogical rules regarding discards. Locally, the fishing industry is a significant part of the economic and cultural heritage of Essex and the local fleets have been doing their best to keep operating despite these crippling and unfair policies imposed by EU Officials. There is a long way to go but I am hopeful that this marks a turning point in safeguarding the future of these essential industries in Essex”, he commented.