A120 Safety Improvements Announced

Improvements will be made to three notoriously dangerous junctions on the A120 near Horsley Cross, the Highways Agency has confirmed. The measures announced include the introduction of a reduced 50mph speed limit in the short term, pending construction of a roundabout to serve both junctions.

Bernard said, "I am delighted that the Minister for Roads has finally taken a decision about this notorious section of road. This is a huge victory for local campaigners who have been determined and consistent throughout. The people in my thoughts are those who live right next to the accident black-spots and who have so often been first on the scene. The closure of the gaps was never going to be a practical option”. 

“The Highways Agency must now consider where the best location is for a roundabout and I am asking for local people to be consulted before a decision is made. I will not let up until we know that the roundabout has been given final approval and is under construction.