A120 Investment

Bernard Jenkin and other local MPs, Priti Patel and Brooks Newmark, met the Transport Minister to discuss improvements to the A120. The last Labour Government abandoned a plan to upgrade and dual sections of the road. During the meeting, the MPs were also informed that there had not been any significant lobbying from the Regional Development Agency in support of the work. The road, therefore, was not treated as a priority, meaning that major upgrades were now only likely to take place in the post-2015 investment period. The MPs have now brought together Essex County Council, Colchester Borough Council and other stakeholders to tackle the urgent need for improvement.

“My colleagues and I are surprised and concerned that there has been so little effort made to press for investment in the A120.  This is one of the most important roads across all three of our constituencies, yet it is does not receive the funding such a major road needs. The shambolic handling of this issue by the previous Government has left us with a mammoth task to complete but I will do all I can with Priti and Brooks to make sure the strongest possible case is made for investment”, commented the Harwich & North Essex MP.