We Voted to Join a “Common Market”, not an EU Supestate

The UK’s membership of the EU has gone wrong, says your MP, Bernard Jenkin.

Brussels makes far too many laws. It has far too much power to dictate our laws. That’s why we need a referendum on Britain’s EU membership.

“The UK should have a positive relationship with our European neighbours, based on trade and cooperation. But that means going back to the drawing board”, said Bernard.

“We voted to join a “Common Market”. We had a veto over any new European laws. It worked very well. We should get back to that. If the EU won’t agree, then we will have to leave the existing treaties, and negotiate a new deal from outside. And the people should have the final say in a referendum.”

Consistent track record

Bernard Jenkin has a consistent track record on Europe. As a young MP, while John Major and Tony Blair wanted Britain to join the Euro, Bernard opposed the Maastricht Treaty and warned that the Euro would be a disaster. He campaigned to keep the British Pound. Today, the Euro enthusiasts are discredited. Most of Europe is gripped by economic depression. Youth unemployment in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece is over 40%.

“Some of us warned that the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 would be a disaster. It’s turned out even worse than we forecast”, said Bernard.

What must change?

  • Immigration: The UK should have the power to control who comes into our country - to limit EU migration, and to choose who comes in and who stays.
  • Money: The UK should have the power to limit what we pay to the EU. The UK makes a net contribution to the EU of £11 billion every year - the same as £300 per family every year. We give more to rich countries in the EU than we give to poor and starving countries in the third world.
  • Regulation: The UK should decide its own business regulation and be able to reject silly and damaging rules from Brussels. We should not allow Brussels to choke the City of London or British business with job-destroying red tape.
  • Fishing grounds: The UK should take back control of our coastal fishing grounds, so we can sustain fish stocks, protect the marine environment, and promote jobs and the economy of coastal communities like Harwich and West Mersea. The EU Common Fisheries Policy has been an unmitigated economic, environmental and social disaster.
  • Rights: The UK should be able to decide our own human rights law. At the moment, we are subject to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and this makes no sense.

“In summary, the British people have the right to make our own laws”, added Bernard. “That’s what democracy is all about.”

What sort of relationship should the UK have with the European Union?

a) Full membership of the EU b) In a “common market” (free trade area) c) Outside the EU altogether
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4th February 2015
  • a) Full membership of the EU 40.1%
  • b) In a “common market” (free trade area) 24.1%
  • c) Outside the EU altogether 35.8%