A12 and A120

If, like me you travel regularly by car, you probably spend most of your time on either the A12 or the A120 and have probably been infuriated by stationary queues caused by roadworks, been ashamed at the amount of litter on the side of our roads and let down by the number of potholes that plague the road.

Additionally, residents and villages around the A12 and A120 will have concerns about the traffic diverted onto minor roads which were never designed for the numbers of cars and larger vehicles that are being redirected.  It is insufferable for the residents of Dedham and the surrounding towns and villages, and the roads authorities must grip this as soon as possible.    

While works carried out by National Highways implement vital and long called improvements, I am conscious of ensuring that they're carried out with the least disruption and that local authorities fulfil their responsibility for clearing litter.

You can find out more about what I've been doing on this campaign below.



Bernard continues to campaign for 50mph speed limit for A120

I am continuing to campaign for a 50mph speed limit on the A120 between Horsley Cross and Harwich, having met concerned residents on the road in December and written to Highways England about safety on the road in November last year, and again in early January.